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Tony Award-winning!

The Crucible

<i>The Crucible</i>
Written by Arthur Miller
Directed by Susan Williams

Whittier Theatre

Thursday ** Saturday, October 11-13… 7:30 pm
Sunday, October 14 ………2:00 pm


**Thursday, October 11
Bargain Night! Adults $15 Students $8

Friday-Sun, 12-14
Adults $21
Students $11


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“I danced for the devil….” Abigail, The Crucible

This American classic of mass hysteria, witchcraft and redemption remains relevant more than six decades after winning a Tony Award for “Best Play” in 1953.

This dramatization of the 17th century Salem witch trials written during the era of McCarthyism examines authoritarianism and its relationship to the fear of the unknown.

Director Susan Williams says she was drawn to the play partly because of its thought-provoking look at repression, written by a man considered by many as the greatest American writer of all time. As Miller himself wrote in the script’s introduction: “It is still impossible for man to organize his social life without repressions, and the balance has yet to be struck between order and freedom.”

The Crucible Cast: Elizabeth Anderson, Warren Baehr, Gene Bornholdt, Floyd Bourne, Naomi Boydston, Grace Castle, Sarah Clark, Eric Concord, John Davis, Daniel Finn, Jack Gibson, Shannon Kelley, Keith Keyser, Deb Langhans, Joely Loucks, Scott Mapstead, Paula Miller, Frank Mulcahy, Fiona Small, Amanda Lee Smith, Bo Turnage, Diana Warner, Sarah Wiesner

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