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Playwrights "On the Fringe"

Anything Goes! (Almost anything)

Whittier Theatre

Friday, January 24...7:00 pm
Saturday, January 25...7:00 pm
Sunday, January 26...2:00 pm

All tickets $10
$5 Student RUSH at door

Business Partner: Friday Harbor Suites

From the hilarity of a happy hour where the bar patrons speak only in bumper sticker talk to serious issues like bullying and teen suicide, San Juan Community Theatre’s new Playwrights “On the Fringe” showcases both a variety of themes and Island talents.

This newly created version of past island playwrights festivals took the judging out of the process and opened up an almost “anything goes” format—allowing writers of all ages and experience to submit works.

“What hit me the most about this festival is the depth of so many of the subjects being written about,” said Fringe coordinator Julie Laidlaw. “I think it says a lot about what we’re trying to express to each other.”

Each of the short plays and monologues features both directors and actors from the islands.

Bookworm - written by Lyne McPherson; directed by Tony Vivenzio
Based on the true story of a bibliophile
Cast: Vanessa Johnson, James Gull, Greg Hertel, Marcy Hahn, John Cornell, Dorian Oliver, Lynda Guernsey, Shannon Kelley, Pat Rishel. a Puzzlement - written by Carolyn Haugen and Emily Reed Geyman: directed by Jane Maxwell Campbell
As an interisland commuter works a puzzle, she reflects on loss of life and the choices she’s made
Cast: Carolyn Haugen

Tears from Media – written and directed by Chiara Power
The issues of teen bullying, FACEBOOK and suicide
Cast: Maureen Marinkovich, Paul Arroyo, James Gull, Fionnoula Bourne, Shannon Kelley, Satchel Bourne

Mama - written and directed by Fiona Small
Three interconnected stories of family and loss
Cast: Vida Wight, Riley Mulcahy, Grace Seltser-Kelley

The Ring- written and directed by Miguel Andreas Herbert
A boxing coach helps women reclaim their power
Cast: Miguel Andreas Herbert, Penelope Haskew, Alison Power, Waoew Shaller, Maureen Marinkovich, Scott Dow

Inventors of the Invisible World—written by Eva Elasigue; directed by James Gull
A “Muse of Destruction” ponders the possibilities
Cast: James Gull

Happy Hour at the Bumper Sticker Bar and Grill- written by Stan Matthews; directed by Elizabeth Anderson
Religion and politics discussed via bumper sticker slogans
Cast: Floyd Bourne, Shannon Kelley

The Century Connect Internet Outage- written and directed by Kevin Hillstrom
How a call center worker handles the Island’s recent internet/phone outages
Cast: Joe Givens

I’ll Marry on the Ferry- written by Don Pollard; directed by Bo Turnage
A wedding on the ferry?
Cast: Tory McMillen, George Iliff, Kaitlin Wade, Chuck Harwood, Bianca Vanderwal

Cleaning House – written by Steffi Wehner; directed by Michael McElrath
The emotions of losing a loved one
Cast: Patricia Francisco

Dancers Fight Back – written and directed by Daniel Miller
A dancing extravaganza!
Cast: Daniel Miller, Corinne Morrell, Duvie Dow, Paul Arroyo, Pete Dawson, Melina Lagios

Closet Encounters of the Fourth Kind – written and directed by Jan and Jim Zurcher
Encounters with an inter-dimensional traveler in the storage closet of a coffee shop
Cast: Greg Swinford, Duvie Dow, Corinne Morrell

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