Island Stories!


Coordinator: Grisha Krivchenia

Friday and Saturday, September 15-16 7:30 pm
Sunday, September 17 2:00 pm
Gubelman Theatre
All tickets $15
 Up Close brings the stories, wisdom, artistry, and humor of Island elders to the stage of the Gubelman Theatre.

Composer and pianist Grisha Krivchenia has teamed up with SJCT to present such stories in Friday Harbor. “I had the great privilege of writing original songs with hospice patients in Santa Fe, New Mexico and was very keen to write songs with and for my Island community, ” said Grisha.  “Our elders have powerful words to share from a lifetime of experience, and a song delivers their messages beautifully.” 

Several islanders have been working with Grisha since May and will present songs, readings and poetry.  “This is the epitome of community,” said SJCT Executive/Artistic Director Bobby Ryan.  “The act of sharing one’s story has the inherent quality of bringing people closer together.”

up close web.jpg

Featured Islanders in the program include pieces by Nedra Thomas with Grisha Krivchenia, Sara Patten, Eleanor Parnes with Susan Matthews, Chuck Fisher with Grisha Krivchenia, John Moore with Mary Karen Ryan, Lillian Siegel with Grisha Krivchenia, Lee Brewer with Grisha Krivchenia, Cynthia Church, and Shann Weston with Grisha Krivchenia.

Performers in the program are Stormy Hildreth, Darvis Taylor, Grisha Krivchenia, Sara Patten, Eleanor Parnes, Chuck Fisher, John Moore, Shannon Kelley, Cynthia Church.