On Book! Readers Theatre


Tues. & Weds., October 31 & November 1 7:30 pm
Gubelman Theatre
Free Admission!
In this ongoing series, a variety of island directors gathers island actors and friends to read new, classic and prize-winning plays.

The Passion of Dracula
Written by Bob Hall and David Richmond

Directed by Julie Laidlaw

A Spirited comedy-melodrama. Produced with a minimum of special effects, a healthy dose of the unexpected and aimed at maximum enjoyment.  Not your father's "Dracula".

The Players

Dr. Cedric Seward              Greg Swinford

Jameson                             Deb Langhans

Professor Van Helsing      Warren Baehr

Dr. Helga Van Zandt          Laura Chorba

Lord Godalming                Keith Keyser

Renfield                              Carrie Jewett

Wilhelmina Murray            Jennifer Ottinger

Jonathan Harker                Scott Dow

Dracula                                Becky Armstrong

Narrator                               Stan Matthews

Foley (sound Effects)         Shannon Kelley



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