Lights! Camera! Murder! Auditions

Wednesday, June 1 6:00 to 9:00 pm
Gubelman Theatre

Play a Part…Literally… in our Summer FUNdraiser

Maybe you’ll take on the role of aspiring actress Steffi Wood or casting director Bobby Calling...or how about aspiring rap artist T. Redd?

This is a chance to have fun with improvisation and help the Theatre at the same time during SJCT’s Summer FUNdraiser on Saturday, July 9—a mystery night that takes place at an after party of the Academy Awards with the V.I.P. victim and celebrities all suspect, and party guests called upon to help solve this red carpet caper.

No preparation is needed for the audition. It will focus on improvisation -- please wear comfortable clothing.

Contact Bobby Ryan with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Female Roles:
  • Angel Wood – Actress. This talented actress will do anything to get what she wants – whether it is an award, a leading role in a movie or the affection of a handsome actor.
  • Steffi Wood –As the little sister to Angel, young and naive Steffi has lived in her shadow far too long and is certain that she will make a name for herself before the night is through!
  • Barbie Doll –Barbie’s looks and her agent have gotten this aspiring actress far in life, but can they take her any further in Hollywood?
  • Natasha Gibson –A favorite with the teen crowds, this young adult is serious about pursuing mature acting roles…that is if nothing comes in her way
  • Princess Pop – Pop star. With Princess’ career on the verge of destruction, she is looking to reconstruct it any way she can
Male Roles:
  • Hunter Starr – Pop star and aspiring actor. Since the Man 2 Man hiatus, Hunter has experienced much solo success in both his personal and professional life. While his band may want to relive the glory days, he is currently experiencing new heights on his own.
  • T. Redd – Aspiring rap artist. The ex-husband of Princess Pop, T. Redd knows how to use his connections to get what he wants out of life, regardless of his talents
  • Two strong officers to carry body out.
Male or Female Roles:
  • Bobby Calling – Casting director. Frustrated by Hobart’s demands, Bobby is looking to cast the upcoming film, A Fallen Angel, as they see fit.
  • Avery Scout – Talent representative. The “yes” person of Hollywood, Avery is responsible for launching some careers and sinking others.