Spring Concert!

San Juan Singers

Ayres of Celtic Isles

Friday & Saturday, April 8 - 9   7:30 pm
Whittier Theatre
Adults $18.00
Students $9.00

In Celtic Lands …

Where the Scots, Irish, and Welsh folk live, work, fight, and play, there is a tradition of music, story-telling, and dance. Songs of glory, betrayal, love found and lost, and a bit of the “blarney” now and then.

Joined by guest instrumentalists, San Juan Island’s community chorus takes you on a journey across the sea. Pipes, drums, fiddle and harp, and the beautiful lilting tunes will warm your heart, put a spring in your step, and a gleam in your eye. Get your tickets today. Sure and begorra, ’tis a grand thing to do!

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