SJCT is thrilled to present this beautiful virtual performance, starring Daniel Mayes of Island Stage Left. This series of monologues, titled "Interpretations", will leave you breathless. Introduced by Helen Machin-Smith, Daniel fills the SJCT stage with life through a variety of tales.

The evening begins with a monologue from Shakespeare's Othello, and then transitions to a poem by Yeats; The Song of the Wandering Aengus. Daniel returns to Shakespeare with Henry V, and then a wonderful performance from what is often called "the Scottish play". Daniel continues with a poem turned monologue, The Ballad of Tough Tom, and then graciously offers the viewer a look at one of his well known performances from The Tempest.

While we dream of once again watching Island Stage Left's "Shakespeare Under the Stars" in person, this virtual performance by Daniel will lift your spirits and bring the arts back into your life, if but for a few moments. 

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