This new, digital work is a satirical sketch comedy show with an ensemble cast, created by San Juan Community Theatre for our beloved local community. The writers hope the episodes will bring a smile and some laughter to everyone in these uncertain times.

"Friday Harbor Happenings" centers on a new (but fictional) social media page and the (also fictional) island inhabitants that join the page.


SUSAN (played by Penelope Haskew): The Instigator. 

KAREN (played by Amanda Smith): The 'Karen'.

JERRY (played by Libbie Grant): The One You Roll Your Eyes At. 

ALAN (played by Lee Grooms): The Guy With The Memes. 

KIM (played by Chiara Power): The Teenager.

MAUDE (played by Lynda Guernsey): The Grandma. 

KELLY (played by Shannon Kelley): The Environmentalist. 

STEVE (played by Adam Parrott): The Mansplainer. 

CLAIRE (played by Raeleen Hunter): The Nice One. 

TROLL (played by BooBoo James): The Troll. 

ALEX & EMILY (played by Al Torres & Lisa Moretti): The Tourist Couple. 

TRAVIS (played by Mark Mazzarella): The Conspiracy Theorist. 

THE DEER (played by Naomi Boydston): A local deer with impressive typing skills.