SJCT and San Juan Islands Museum of Art are pleased to present a joint production. Our two organizations have collaborated during their lull in normal operations to produce a series of mini-documentaries highlighting local artists.  

What draws her to beads, Robin explains, is their “infinite variety” and the many ways to incorporate them into creative projects. As she further explored the history, usage and background of beads and beading, she could appreciate them on a deeper level. Put simply, Atkins says, “I learned that beading is more than a craft, but art and history as well.” Robin has taught workshops from Seattle to Reno to Houston to Budapest. She has been given the honor of judging several regional and national beadwork and other competitions. In 2003 a call went out to bead artists around the world to submit photos for Showcase 500 Beaded Objects, released in 2004 by Lark Books. From over 2500 entries, three of Robin’s beadwork pieces were chosen for the book, one of which was on the front cover.

Some of her published books are Heart to Hands Bead Embroidery, Beaded Treasures, Spirit Dolls, How I Made Rosie, The Uncaged Hen, and The Complete Photo Guide to Beading.

About her art, “For a person who works improvisationally most of the time, it may surprise you to know that art for me is about visual communication. The odd thing is that the communication is first and foremost from my heart to me. It’s my inner, hidden self which speaks through the work of my hands.”

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