Teddy Deane chose five songs and a music video for his Snapshot Season virtual concert. The songs were written at various times, and the video he wrote and produced last April. For the video, titled "Quaranteenager in Love" Teddy persuaded Penelope Haskew to photograph daughter Chiara Power as the “quaranteenager". It was a project they could do over the internet while locked-down in their homes, which was necessary at the time.

Two songs included in the concert are about the islands; "San Juan Island Girls", which Teddy wrote for a vaudeville show in Portland oddly enough, and "Goin' Home to Friday Harbor”, which was the official song of the centennial in 2009 (and a copy was ceremoniously tucked away in a Friday Harbor time capsule). "So Far So Good" was the title song from an album he recorded in 2008 with Johnathan Piff as the Play-Rite Boys, and "Love Car" was from an album they recorded in 2005. "The Reunion" was written for his class reunion (he's not saying which one) and was on Teddy's last album in 2015.

Teddy would like to thank SJCT for the opportunity to participate in the Snapshot Season and, in general, for creating this season to provide local artists with an opportunity to perform during these challenging times. In Teddy's words, "Steve Judson and John Shaller deserve the production credit and it was a pleasure for me to work with them as well as artistic director Nathan Kessler-Jeffrey."

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