Ideas that apparently “fizzled”:

In 1995, it was suggested that the Festival be replaced with a dinner dance and Reno Night. The Reno Night portion of the Pig War had been popular and successful. No action was taken on this suggestion.

In 1996, a Garden Tour was proposed for 1997 or 1998, but no evidence was found that it had taken place..

In 2011, some CATS members felt that the name of the organization should be changed. The topic was discussed at the February luncheon. Jane Stoddard noted that CATS is synonymous with the SJCT and has too long an association to change.  Marcy Hahn and Mary Watson voiced their agreement. Maria Wertz characterized the theme as pur-r-r-fect. Jane Maxwell Campbell suggested when the acronym CATS is used, the complete name, Community Arts Theatre Society, be cited as well. The discussion came to a consensus to make no change to the name CATS.