Our Mission:

The San Juan Community Theatre is a non-profit performing arts organization that enriches the lives of island residents and visitors as it: offers quality entertainment; encourages participation in performing arts events, programs and activities; and provides opportunity for artistic growth for youth and adults.

It all started....

...“With talents like these on this island, the least you can do is put a roof over their heads.”

So said America’s First Lady of the Theatre in June 1985. Helen Hayes had performed that evening during a fundraising gala at Friday Harbor’s Royal movie theatre by invitation of producer David Skinner (Smoke Signals), who at the time was a resident of San Juan, and a man fully involved in the creation of a community theater.

Miss Hayes and David Skinner’s hopes that night would become a reality, after many more community fundraising efforts, some four years later, when The San Juan Community Theatre and Arts Center opened its doors on June 30, 1989.

And it has been a dedicated community, supporting the theatre arts with both their heart and their wallets, that has kept this “little theatre that could” thriving for generations.