Our Mission: Enriching community through performing arts

Our Vision: San Juan Community Theatre engages community through performing arts, inspiring island residents and visitors of all ages.

It all started....

...“With talents like these on this island, the least you can do is put a roof over their heads.”

So said America’s First Lady of the Theatre in June 1985. Helen Hayes had performed that evening during a fundraising gala at Friday Harbor’s Royal movie theatre by invitation of producer David Skinner (Smoke Signals), who at the time was a resident of San Juan, and a man fully involved in the creation of a community theater.

Miss Hayes and David Skinner’s hopes that night would become a reality, after many more community fundraising efforts, some four years later, when The San Juan Community Theatre and Arts Center opened its doors on June 30, 1989.

And it has been a dedicated community, supporting the theatre arts with both their heart and their wallets, that has kept this “little theatre that could” thriving for generations.