Community Arts Theatre Society

Once a month, a group of amazing islanders gets together at the Theatre for lunch. Who are these people? And what do they do? And are they a group you might be interested in joining?

CATS was formed in 1989 when a small group of islanders (Ruth Fleming, Dodie Gann, Kit Moorhouse, Shirley Nielsen, Joan Roberts, Lynne Rogers, Catherine Skinner and Jane Stoddard) decided to form a support group for what was then San Juan Island’s brand new performing arts center. These women were savvy enough to know that over time, the Theatre would need funds to upgrade its physical facility, its décor and many of its technical components.

CATS Mission:

to produce fundraising events to benefit the San Juan Community Theatre.


CATS members are known for their wonderful culinary skills, and they create tempting baked goods, candies, mustards, jellies and even BB sauce just in time for island Easter festivities.  This' year's delicious event is Saturday, March 31.


Gather the kids and grandkids for a special time in the Gubelman and Steele Memorial Garden—FREE lunch, treats, entertainment and plenty of Teddy Bear friends on Saturday, June 2.


Scheduled in 2018 for Saturday, December 1, this exciting gala is not only the Theatre’s biggest fundraiser of the year, but it’s a wonderful community kickoff to the holiday season. Since 2012, CATS has raised thousands of dollars annually via extensive raffle tickets sales starting in the summer, culminating in the drawing of the winner’s name at the Holiday Festival. (Past years have included international trips and $5,000 cash prizes). CATS members also assist with decorating for the festival and organizing its silent auction, which raises more than $10,000 each year.

JOIN US! Contact CATS at 360-378-3211 ext. 032; leave your name, phone number and a message—your call will be promptly returned by a CATS member.