Off the Rock*

The Box Marked Black

One-Woman Show

Friday, August 26 7:30 pm
Gubelman Theatre
Adults $15 Student Reserved $8

Portland’s Damaris Webb’s The Box Marked Black: Tales from a Halfrican American Growing Up Mulatto (with Sock Puppets!) traces the experience of growing up mulatto in the pre-Huxtable era. Her solo theater piece with dance and song (and sock puppets) creates narrative from the perspective of both sides of her interracial family, embodying multiple characters, childhood memories (including a “Roots” re-enactment using sock puppets) and fantasy.

Webb, who recently moved to Portland after 26 years making and producing work in New York City, will then lead a two-day workshop on solo compositions. Participants will explore techniques for making on-the-spot, repeatable performance offerings based on autobiographical inquiry.

Two-Day Workshop:

Self-Scripting for Solo Composition

Visiting performing artist Damaris Webb of A Box Marked Black

Saturday and Sunday, August 27-28 10 am – 1 pm
$60, with limited local scholarships.
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The Off the Rock series is dedicated to showcasing contemporary performance, both onstage and in the educational setting. The series will cover topics relevant to today and/or focus on unique forms of theatrical storytelling in order to offer audiences a stepping off point for community discussion and exploration