Staged Reading: "BEGINNERS"

WANTED: Men! Got your attention, didn't we? 

Actually, Georgia Smith is looking for a few male actors for a staged reading she’s directing of Raymond Carver’s short story, “Beginners.”

Scheduled in the Gubelman for July 2 and 3, the story centers on two couples in Albuquerque who spend an evening drinking gin and talking about love. In the process of getting quite drunk they reveal stories that are by turns violent, sentimental, passionate, and baffling. 

The story will be presented verbatim, without cutting or altering a word – but as theater.   Georgia says because of the complication of reading a story as though it were a play, it will help to have had some acting experience, “but don't let that hold you back if you're truly enthusiastic.” She also adds that some experience with being drunk is also an asset.

The character roles needed are:
Nick, 35-45, the narrator of the story 
Henry, 70+, who along with his wife is gravely injured in a car crash.

A copy of the story is available to read at the SJCT Box Office. To audition for one of the roles above, contact Georgia by June 5 at 510 915 0133