SJCT Summer Film Series

The Cuckoo

Tuesday, July 3 7:30 pm
Whittier Theatre
Pay What You Can

The Cuckoo (2002)  PG-13  105 Minutes

The Cuckoo (Russian: Kukushka) is a historical comedy/drama directed by Aleksandr Rogozhkin. The film takes place during WWII from the perspective of opposing Soviet and Finnish soldiers stranded at a Sami woman's farmhouse. "Kukushka" was the nickname given by Soviet soldiers to Finnish cuckoo snipers, who ambushed their targets from a purpose-built tree branch nest. Thus the title refers to both Veikko (the sniper) and Anni (whose name means cuckoo in Sami, and who is a lone woman living in the forest, much like a cuckoo).


SJCT Summer Film Series

June 19-September 4
7:30 pm

The SJCT Summer Film Series features a variety of independent films and documentaries.

The series is the brainchild of islander Larry Soll, who has always enjoyed independent films and wanted to have the opportunity to see them on the island. “The goal is to offer mind-broadening experiences for islanders," said Larry.