Winter Play Auditions

Time Stands Still

Saturday, November 2, 2:00 pm
PARC 70 Saltspring Drive
Time Stands Still examines the lives of one couple who are journalists and make a living out of documenting the horrors of war. When Sarah and her boyfriend, James, come back from covering the Iraq War, they are physically bruised and emotionally beaten. While they are recovering, their best friend, Richard, brings his new, young girlfriend to visit. Their burgeoning relationship makes James and Sarah examine their own relationship and way of life. Is it possible for two people who are used to living in dangerous conditions to carve out a normal life? Can they stay together amidst unspoken betrayals and conflicting ideals? Acclaimed playwright Donald Margulies’ Time Stands Still answers these questions, while leaving unanswered qualms regarding the way America deals with war and tragedy coverage.

Director: Brandon Cadwell

General auditions are Saturday, November 2, 2:00 pm at PARC Studio (70 Saltspring Drive)

Casting call:
Sarah, age 30s-40s
James, age 30s-40s
Richard, age 50s
Mandy, age mid-20s to early 30s

Rehearsals: January 5-February 13
Performances: February 14-March 1

If you would like to audition but are unable to attend, please email Brandon Cadwell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please be prepared to stay for 2 hours, as callbacks will immediately follow the auditions. All auditions consist of readings from the script (sides). Sides are available at the SJCT Box Office.
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