Audition for the Playwrights Festival of Monologues

Playwrights Festival of Monologues

Saturday, July 24, 2:00 pm
Steele Garden/Gubelman Theatre

About the Festival

The 2021 Playwrights Festival will be the first production back in SJCT’s Whittier Theatre in August, 2021, and we are SO EXCITED to be back in the building!

  • Rehearsals may begin as early as July 26th. Most shows will not exceed 10 hours of rehearsal between July 26 and August 22.
  • Tech/dress rehearsals are evenings, August 23-26.
  • Performances will be August 27 and 28 at 7pm.
  • Safety Information
    • Washington State Department of Labor and Industry requires SJCT to verify the COVID vaccination status of all volunteers who wish to work unmasked.
    • Audience patrons who are vaccinated do not need to wear a mask while attending. SJCT does not verify vaccination status for patrons.

Audition Details

General Auditions:

  • All roles are open. The current draft of each play is available by clicking here.
  • Auditions are 2pm-4pm, Saturday, July 24th
  • If you would like to audition but are unable to attend, please email
  • Please be prepared to stay for about two hours as callbacks will immediately follow the auditions.
  • All plays are monologues or socially distanced (for the most part) short plays for two people.
  • Please come prepared to read the role(s) you are interested in auditioning for. Scripts are on our website (see link above).

Available Roles

  • Alex—A person recording a message for the next pandemic, 100 years from now. Any age, any race, any gender.
  • Horatio Harris—Male, 70s, egocentric billionaire dying of a terminal ailment.
  • Christina Norris—Female, 50s, Harris’ longtime assistant.
  • Simone—Female, any race. Wearing pajamas and arguing with a customer service rep over the phone. Doesn’t consider herself old enough to be called “ma’am.” 
  • Cam—The customer service rep. Any gender. Any race.
  • Bell—Male, any age, any race. Relaying an unfortunate learning experience involving his cat and a public toilet.
  • The Storyteller—Any age, any race, any gender. Hiding in the bathroom during a party.
  • The Unreliable Narrator—Female, can play early 30’s, any race.
  • Jody—Male, any age, any race. Trying to figure out what to say about his wife’s new painting.
  • Alex—Jody’s wife, female, any age, any race. A painter.
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