Summer Play: Fully Committed Auditions

11:00am; April 15th, 2023
PARC Building (70 Saltspring Dr.)
Fully Committed
By Becky Mode, Directed by Nathan Kessler-Jeffrey
Fully Committed

Sam is struggling to make it on the stage in New York City, and working a day job in the reservations department of a
posh Manhattan restaurant. Balancing auditions, family commitments, insistent customers, impulsive co-workers, and a
nightmare of a head chef keeps Sam...fully committed. Will Sam continue to be a mild-mannered doormat or gain the
confidence to pursue the life of an artist?

Audition Details:
General Auditions: Saturday, April 15, 2023 at the PARC building (70 Saltspring Dr.) If you would like to audition but are
unable to attend, please email director Nathan Kessler-Jeffrey: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Auditions will also consist of readings from the script (sides). The sides are available now at the SJCT Box Office,
open 11am-2pm, Tuesday-Friday. Copies of the full script are also available with a $10 deposit (refundable on
return of the script).
The actor switches back and forth quickly between all the roles. YouTube has multiple clips of this show in
performance and auditioners are encouraged to watch a few different actors perform the various roles.

Full audition breakdown HERE.
Summer Play: Fully Committed Auditions