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Spring Musical: Pirates of Penzance

May 10th-26th, 2024
$26/Adult, $15/Student, $5 Student Rush

Pirates of Penzance
by WS Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan 
directed by Nathan Kessler-Jeffrey

Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera is packed full of sentimental pirates, blundering policeman, absurd adventures and improbable paradoxes.

Frederic, a pirate’s apprentice, falls head-over-heels in love with Mabel, the daughter of Major-General Stanley. Frederic is due to be released from his apprenticeship on his 21st birthday, but there’s a snag. Born on 29 February, Frederic discovers that he is technically still a youngster. Although very much in love, his dedication to duty is unshakeable. Can he find a way to live happily-ever-after with Mabel?

Pirates of Penzance (2).png

Cast List:

Frederic: Cody Balcomb-Bartok
Mabel: Chelsea Parrott
Pirate King: Patriqi Holahan
Ruth: Jill Urbach & Mason Turnage (decided by coin toss each night!)
Major General: Jill Urbach & Mason Turnage (decided by coin toss each night!)
Sergeant of Police: Richard Meenan
Samuel: Sean McLaughlin

Patti Bair
Patrick Lakey
Annesa Knowles
Ashlynn Wilson
Richard Meenan
Cris Duvall
Andy Urbach

Edith: Annika Bjorling
Kate: Melody Smith
Isobel: Lucy Urbach
Lark Manson
Sarah Boden
Waverly Manson

Police Sergeant’s Lieutenant: John Magee
Lucy Urbach
Lark Manson
Cris Duvall
Ashlynn Wilson
Patrick Lakey
Sean McLaughlin